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EARMOR - News in our offer

5.1.2024 News in our shop

Established in 2016, OPSMEN EARMOR emerged from an experienced R&D department with over a decade of developmental expertise. Boasting an exceptional optics and acoustics laboratory, OPSMEN quickly solidified its reputation as a leading force in the industry.

Their foundation lies in a dynamic blend of innovation and experience. With an automated production line in China, OPSMEN EARMOR crafts a comprehensive range of premium products. This encompasses electronic hearing protection gear, earmuffs, earplugs and Combat Communication Systems.

The diverse product line finds application across the globe, serving various sectors including law enforcement, military, sport shooting, hunting, fire services, construction, and mining. OPSMEN EARMOR can take pride in a rapid response to challenges, opportunities, and the evolving needs of our customers. With a paramount goal, to ensure customer satisfaction through attentive listening, the delivery of top-tier products, and unparalleled support services.

You may be interested in EARMOR newest MOD4 headsets in various colours. But if you are more interested in headsets which can attach to your helmet, we are happy to introduce you to EARMOR M32H headset.
EARMOR headset M31H has the same function, but it does not come with a microphone.

We stocked all EARMOR products at our warehouse in Banská Bystrica, if you would prefer a personal collection of goods.
At are very honored to be able to provide you with OPSMEN earmor products and are looking forward to your orders. We also remain open for any further questions you will have.


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