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JeffTron and AirsoftPro - news in our offer

21.3.2023 News in our shop

News in our offer from JeffTron:

Airsoft wire holders, which facilitates the installation of the Leviathan-V2 device in the gearbox.

M4 Bolt Catch switch with CNC bolt catch designed to work with Leviathan devices.

We have also restocked various spare and uprage parts that have already been sold out, for example:

Mosfet V2 without wiring, Mosfet V3 with ready-made wiring adapted for the battery above the gearbox with DeanT connector, trigger switch for AEG M249, M60 for maximum current 10A, 1 pair of DeanT Clip-On connector, female T-Plug connector and micro active brake II for AEG weapons.

News in our offer from AirsoftPro:

Airsoft spare piston head O-ring for SVD rifles

CNC aluminum BBS loading latch for VSR chambers, which increases the reliability of loading and the durability of the weapon

Steel piston sear designed for second generation AirsoftPro MB06 / MB13 trigger mechanisms

Spare rubber pad for piston with an outer diameter of 19.4 mm, which is intended for Well and AirsoftPro sniper rifle pistons

Spare rubber pad for cylinder head with an outer diameter of 19.2 mm, which is intended for sniper rifles

Cylinder slide ring for airsoft guns Well MB01, MB04, MB05, MB08

A set of rubber seals and balls, which is intended for SHS gas grenades

O-ring, intended for New Bore-Up nozzles

Set of rubber sealing rings for the valves of KS brand gas weapon reservoirs

Steel key for the cylinder head of sniper rifles

We have also stocked various spare and harness parts, for example:

Valve tool for gas guns, reinforced 9mm upgrade spring for M140 and M160, 7mm upgrade spring for M160 airsoft rifles, and a shaped pressure Hop-up roller that has the shape of the letter "H" and better copies the shape of the bullet.


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