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The new airsoft ProArms PAR MK3 16inch gun has arrived!

16.1.2024 Airsoftguns review

A few years ago ICS lost the license for this model, which lead Delta Armory to waste no time to aquire the full license for the Proarms PAR MK3 design, with a clear goal, making it their most advanced and upgraded airsoft up to date.

Delta Armory is well-known for their high quality products. Listening and interacting with their customers, Delta Armory has produced a wide variety of high-quality models, the new ProArms PAR MK3 was no exception. By taking a step even further. Almost all "Full metal" airsoft guns have their bodies and handguards made out of zinc castings. ProArms PAR MK3 is instead made with CNC machines, like real firearm guns, out of aluminium 6063 blocks.

Like other Rotary type guns, the PAR has a QRS spring release system, allowing an easy replacement of the spring Hop-up chamber, by removing the stock and the tube, which offers an easy maintenance.

Other internal parts of the PAR MK3:

  • PERUN Mosfet made in EU
  • Stainless steel Steel CNC cylinder
  • Stainless steel Steel CNC mandrel spring QD
  • Stainless steel precision barrel 6.03mm
  • CNC Piston head
  • CNC Cylinder head with double gasket
  • CNC Nozzle with double seal

Delta Armory has not only considered resistance of the gun, but also its performance. Inside the the PAR MK3, the shooting performance is handled by the ETU (electronic trigger unit) processor. By connecting it to a Deans T battery connector it offers the following shooting modes:

  • Pre-cocking - pretensioning of the spring - faster response when pressing the trigger
  • Binary trigger - double shot - when the trigger is pressed, the weapon fires once and when the trigger is released, it fires a second time
  • Burst mode - the possibility of setting the shooting with a triple dose

If you wish to check other models by Delta Armory, you may do so by exploring the, ALPHA, BRAVO and CHARLIE models, each with different specifications and performance for all airsoft preferences.