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Novritsch - news in our offer

27.3.2023 News in our shop

News in our offer: Novritsch

Do you want to blend in perfectly with the awakening spring nature? This is guaranteed by camouflage Ghillie suits. We have expanded our range of camouflage suits with the following items:

Camouflage 3D Ghillie Hood

Camouflage hat 3D Ghillie Boonie Gen2

Camouflage hat 3D Ghillie Boonie Sniper

Camouflage 3D Ghillie Shoulder Piece

Camouflage cover for silencer 3D Camo Cover

Camouflage cover for a long gun 3D Camo Cover

Perfect camouflage is provided by 3D leaves that break up the shape of a person's silhouette and thereby create a better fusion with the surrounding environment.

Also new is the M4 magazine pouche, which, thanks to the tight cut and elasticity of the material, firmly holds the magazine in itself:

MOLLE Low Profile Assault Rifle Magazine Pouch

We also stocked the following goods:

Battlebelt Gen3

Tactical vest Minimal

Red Dot Micro V3

Adapter for SSP1/SSP5 Novritsch silencer

Novritsch airsoft pistol GBB SSP18 Green Gas

Novritsch airsoft pistol AEP SSE18

Novritsch airsoft pistol GBB SSP2 Green Gas

Novritsch airsoft gun SSR4 METAL

Novritsch airsoft gun SSR4 POLYMER


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